A theatre play as the product of the process may have a multiple role and meaning. It is a sublimation of personal research and a joint focus point of the group regarding certain issue or a phenomenon. It also allows the participants to freely express themselves in a creative manner, and finally, it is an instrument for establishing a dialogue with the social community (either with the micro system that the participants are in or with a wider social community) and for recognition by the public.

Over the three years since the workshop was first organized the inmates have prepared two plays: a play „The Wizards of O.Z.“ and a forum theatre play „Whose Side Are You On, Peter?“

The first play/performance titled „The Wizards of O.Z.“ – was prepared in 2007. It consisted of parts of exercises and plays that were rehearsed in the workshop and that contained some personal statements, images and emotions. The performance presented a typical fall into addiction and hopelessness entirely through images, music, movement, words. While preparing the play, for the first time the inmates were given an opportunity, in two expert workshops and assisted by professional mask maker/doll-maker to create their own masks they were to wear, according to their wishes and designs.

The play was for the first time staged in the Youth Centre in April 2007 on the occasion of opening the annual exhibition of art works of all the patients of the Special Prison Hospital and it was already then that it stirred the emotions and managed to overcome the barrier with the audience. It concluded with the participants coming down from the stage among the audience, taking off their masks and handshaking in turn with all the spectators, which caused bewilderment among the spectators, but both the participants and the spectators needed such a moment in order to bring down the walls, remove barriers and eliminate prejudices.

The participants in their subsequent evaluation highly evaluated the process of making the play and the very performance as well and many of them were thrilled by the revelation that it was possible to experience an excitement, bliss, satisfaction and all that without using drugs. For all the participants it was a completely new experience and enlightenment.