or an opportunity for gaining practical experience

Volunteering is
one of the best methods of empiric learning on the spot through
observation, participation, assisting, communication with the group,
by writing daily reports…

ApsArt has been
cherishing volunteer spirit from the beginning of its work and makes
an effort of always having a certain activity on a voluntary basis
i.e. that the members/associates of ApsArt work without any pecuniary
remuneration. The ApsArt associates had been volunteering in the
Daycare Clinic for the Adolescents in the Institute of Mental Health
in Palmotićeva Street. For a year we worked on a voluntary basis in
the Special Prison Hospital within the project «The Wizards from
O.Z.», and as long as that in the orthodox communities for addictive
diseases treatment – The Land of The Living.

We encourage
all the professionals in various fields – psychologists,
pedagogues, special education teachers, andragogues, social workers
as well as directors, actors, playwrights and any other motivated
individuals, if they have the opportunity to apply the knowledge they
acquired directly in working with people and at the same time
recognize the potential of such kind of activity or to open up new
possibilities – TO JOIN US.

We also
encourage all former drama workshop goers, if they feel capable of
and willing to continue such practice through working with groups
they originate from or with some other groups, and they are willing
to develop a new skill – TO JOIN US.

We want the applied theatre really
to be applied. We want our volunteers to continue their practice
independently in new groups and facing new challenges. There are many
more places still waiting for the joy of playing and exploring to be
revealed to them!