The Community Theatre is a theatre
created by local citizens. It is a gathering place and place of creative
dialogue, aiming to reveal and solve concrete problems of the local community. There,
you can hear stories heard nowhere else. You will immediately recognize the
greatest gift of The Community Theatre – the truth.

Our mission now is being fully
realized by establishing “ApsArt” The Community Theatre at municipality of New
Belgrade, which we will turn into a center where all citizens, regardless of their
socio – economic status, will be able to become the creators of theatrical events,
as well as the audience. It shall become a center where theatrical events are
relevant to the moment, the problems, similarities and differences of all the
members of the community.

What becomes of The Community Theater
will emerge from the place itself and will interact with the audience in public
spaces through a variety of street games, performances and public actions that
we plan enact on the territory of New Belgrade.

The foundation of “ApsArt” The
Community Theatre is supported by municipality of New Belgrade, ERSTE
foundation and the Balkan Community Initiatives Fund, in the space provided by the
local community of “Studentski grad”. Our theater will encourage the citizens
of New Belgrade to engage and get out of their apartments, to actively
communicate and to deal with their problems and the problems of their
community. It should be a place where they can freely talk about what bothers
them, what makes them happy or worries them… 
It is also a place where the representatives of the business sector will
be able to meet the citizens and, together with them, through volunteer work, attempt
to lay out a better future for the local community. This is a place where a
number of socially conscious activities and other initiatives will be started.

The Community Theater is located in Narodnih
Heroja 30, 2nd floor, New Belgrade

For more information, send an e-mail

People of new Belgrade, wake up –
the game begins, the big dorm becomes the big playground!